Newrez myloancare: A Leading Mortgage Lender in Fort Washington, PA

Newrez LLC: A Leading Mortgage Lender in Fort Washington, PA

Newrez myloancare: A Leading Mortgage Lender in Fort Washington, PA
Newrez myloancare: A Leading Mortgage Lender in Fort Washington, PA

Newrez myloancare: A Leading Mortgage Lender in Fort Washington, PA – In the ever-evolving landscape of mortgage lending, Newrez LLC stands tall as a prominent player headquartered in Fort Washington, PA. With a firm commitment to its mission and values, this publicly-traded company has carved a niche for itself in the industry. Let’s dive into the world of Newrez, exploring its background, competitors, payment options, and more.


Company Overview:

Headquarters: Fort Washington, PA

Mission & Values: Newrez LLC, located at 1100 Virginia Drive, #125, Fort Washington, PA 19034, is guided by a set of core values that prioritize customer satisfaction and excellence in service.

– **Founding Date:** The company’s journey began in 2007.

Company Status: Newrez LLC is a publicly traded company with the stock symbol NRZ.

Website: For more information, you can visit their official website at [](


Competitors of MyLoanCare:

Curious about who MyLoanCare’s competitors are? Alternatives and potential competitors to MyLoanCare include BigPay, IndiaLends, and Rubique. These companies operate in the same space, offering various financial services.


Payment Options:

Paying LoanCare with Credit Card: It’s worth noting that LoanCare does not accept credit or debit card payments. They are committed to ensuring your financial security and will never ask for this type of information during transactions.


Making Payments to Newrez: Newrez offers multiple convenient ways to make payments. You can choose to pay online through their website, set up automatic payments, or utilize their automated phone system. If you prefer a personal touch, speaking with a live Customer Care representative is an option as well. Just call toll-free at 866-317-2347. Additionally, Newrez accepts payments in the form of checks or money orders.


Newrez and Shellpoint:

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing operates as a d/b/a (doing business as) of Newrez LLC. This relationship underscores the connection between the two entities, with Shellpoint being a part of the Newrez family.


Newrez Mortgage App:

Newrez offers a user-friendly app that allows borrowers to manage their mortgages with ease. Through the app, users can access account details, choose payment options, and retrieve important documents, making the mortgage management process convenient and efficient.


Alternate Name for Newrez:

Formerly known as New Penn Financial, LLC, Newrez LLC has rebranded itself. This lender prides itself on offering a wide range of industry-leading mortgage products, combining the best of human interaction and technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


NewRez’s Acquisition:

Newrez made a significant move in the mortgage industry by acquiring Caliber in a deal valued at $1.675 billion. This acquisition was finalized in August, following an agreement reached in April. It marked a strategic expansion for Newrez in a competitive market.


Newrez’s Ongoing Presence:

Newrez LLC remains an active player in the mortgage lending space, ready to cater to your future home loan needs. As one of the nation’s largest mortgage companies, they aim to provide exceptional customer service and establish trust as your financial partner for your next home loan.



In the world of mortgage lending, Newrez LLC has not only found its place but continues to thrive. Based in Fort Washington, PA, with a rich history dating back to 2007, this publicly traded company, formerly known as New Penn Financial, offers an array of mortgage solutions, combining human interaction with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re making payments, exploring their app, or considering them for your next home loan, Newrez is a name to remember in the industry.

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