Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart have teamed up for a friend comedy called Me Time on Netflix

The new comedy was released on the streaming platform today and it looks great from the trailer

Thick Brush Stroke

Hart is a good stand-up comedian and has featured in films for his many comedic performances.

Wahlberg is best known for his mix of acting duties and has taken on this job well

Wahlberg had to be naked for 12 hours while shooting one of the scenes in his new film.

Huck (Mark Wahlberg) meets his long-lasting mate Sonny (Kevin Hart), however Huck is in only his shoes. The scene required close to 12 hours to shoot totally

we are in the summer months, so at least it wasn’t entirely that cold and this good news is , even in Long Beach. 

Wahlberg said that he would get a robe again and again, however shooting that scene was as yet awkward