3 Wheel Scooters: Why You Should Get One


Are you considering buying a scooter but unsure which one to choose? 3 wheel scooters are a fantastic option. They offer stability, safety, and fun for both kids and adults. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about these scooters, including their benefits, types, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What is a 3 Wheel Scooter?

A 3 wheel scooter is a type of scooter with one wheel at the front and two at the back, or vice versa. This design provides greater stability compared to traditional two-wheel scooters. It’s perfect for beginners, young children, and anyone who prefers a more balanced ride.

Benefits of a 3 Wheel Scooter

Stability and Balance

The primary advantage of a 3 wheel scooter is its stability. The three-wheel design makes it easier to balance, reducing the risk of falls. This is especially important for young children who are still developing their motor skills.


Safety is a major concern for parents. 3 wheel scooters are safer than their two-wheel counterparts. The wider base provides a more secure ride. Most models also come with a rear brake, allowing for quick and safe stops.

Easy to Use

These scooters are easy to use. The three-wheel setup helps beginners get used to scooting without the fear of tipping over. They can focus on learning to steer and control their speed instead.

Fun and Exercise

Scooters are not just a means of transport; they’re also fun! Riding a scooter is a great way to get exercise. It helps improve coordination, balance, and muscle strength.

Types of 3 Wheel Scooters

Kick Scooters

Kick scooters are the most common type of 3 wheel scooter. They require the rider to kick off the ground to move. These are great for kids and beginners. They’re lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Electric Scooters

Electric 3 wheel scooters are powered by batteries. They are perfect for older kids and adults who want a bit more speed. They come with various speed settings and often have longer riding ranges.

Foldable Scooters

Foldable 3 wheel scooters are convenient for those who need to carry their scooter around. They can be folded up and stored easily. These are great for commuters and those with limited storage space.

How to Choose the Best 3 Wheel Scooter

Age and Weight

Consider the rider’s age and weight. Most scooters have age and weight recommendations. For young children, look for models designed for ages 3-5. For older kids and adults, check the weight capacity to ensure it can support the rider.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheels affects the ride. Larger wheels provide a smoother ride and can handle rougher surfaces. Smaller wheels are more agile and easier to control. Choose the wheel size based on where you plan to ride the scooter.

Deck Size

The deck is the part of the scooter where the rider stands. A wider deck offers more stability and comfort. For young children, a wider deck helps them balance better. For older kids and adults, the deck size can be a matter of personal preference.

Handlebar Height

The handlebar height should be adjustable. This allows the scooter to grow with your child. For adults, an adjustable handlebar ensures a comfortable ride.

Brake System

Safety is paramount. Check the brake system before purchasing. Rear foot brakes are common in kick scooters. Electric scooters often have hand brakes. Ensure the brake system is easy to use and effective.


3 wheel scooters come in a range of prices. Set a budget before you start shopping. Remember, higher-priced models often come with better features and build quality. However, there are plenty of affordable options that offer great value.

Top 3 Wheel Scooters to Consider

1. Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

The Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter is perfect for young children. It features a wide, slip-resistant deck and a three-wheel design for stability. It’s affordable and comes in fun colors.

2. Micro Kickboard Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe

This versatile scooter can be used by toddlers and young children. It starts as a ride-on scooter for toddlers and converts to a stand-up scooter as they grow. The Micro Kickboard Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe is well-built and offers excellent stability.

3. Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Scooter

The Globber Primo is great for older kids. It has adjustable handlebars and a robust build. The deck is wide and comfortable. It’s an excellent choice for kids who are ready for a bit more independence.

Tips for Safe Riding

  1. Wear a Helmet: Always wear a helmet. This is non-negotiable for both kids and adults.
  2. Use Protective Gear: Consider knee and elbow pads, especially for young children.
  3. Check the Scooter Regularly: Ensure that all parts are in good working condition before each ride.
  4. Ride in Safe Areas: Avoid busy streets and areas with heavy traffic. Parks and designated scooter paths are ideal.
  5. Teach Basic Skills: Make sure the rider knows how to brake, steer, and balance properly.


A 3 wheel scooter is a great investment. It provides stability, safety, and fun for riders of all ages. Whether you’re buying for a child or looking for an easy way to commute, there’s a 3 wheel scooter for you. Remember to consider the rider’s age, weight, and skill level when choosing a scooter. Prioritize safety features and choose a model that fits your budget.

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