Analyst Virtual Bacon’s Top Cryptocurrency Picks for March

Analyst Virtual Bacon
Analyst Virtual Bacon

Analyst Virtual Bacon has recently revealed his top three cryptocurrency picks for March, foreseeing significant movements in the next two months. As an investor and analyst with a keen eye for emerging trends, his insights are closely watched by the crypto community.

Polygon (MATIC):

At the top of his list is Polygon (MATIC), a cryptocurrency that he believes is currently undervalued despite its widespread popularity. Polygon’s appeal lies in its innovative technology, which facilitates seamless communication between different blockchain networks. This interoperability opens up opportunities for cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, a rapidly growing sector within the crypto space.

Virtual Bacon points out that Polygon’s tokenomics, or the economic principles governing its token supply and distribution, are particularly favorable compared to its competitors. He anticipates a significant increase in Polygon’s price in the near future, potentially even surpassing its previous all-time highs. This optimism is backed by his confidence in the project’s future performance and its ability to capitalize on the growing demand for interoperable DeFi solutions.

In discussing potential trade setups for Polygon, Virtual Bacon highlights key technical and fundamental indicators that suggest a bullish outlook. His analysis serves as a guide for investors looking to capitalize on the anticipated price movements of this promising cryptocurrency.

Aevo + Ribbon Finance (RBN):

The next altcoin on Virtual Bacon’s radar is Aevo + Ribbon Finance (RBN), a project that has recently seen a surge in price but remains undervalued in his view. Aevo, formerly known as Ribbon Finance, is undergoing a rebranding process as it transitions into a decentralized exchange specializing in futures trading.

Virtual Bacon points to Aevo’s impressive trading volume, which has surpassed that of dydx, a well-established player in the decentralized exchange space. This achievement underscores Aevo’s growing prominence and suggests that it may be poised for further gains in the coming months.

In addition to its strong fundamentals, Aevo has two upcoming events scheduled for March: an airdrop and a token event. These events could serve as catalysts for increased investor interest and potentially drive up the price of RBN tokens. Virtual Bacon provides insights into potential price targets and trade setups for investors looking to capitalize on these developments.


The third altcoin pick for March highlighted by Virtual Bacon is Arweave, a project that has recently experienced a breakout in price following a significant announcement. Despite facing resistance in the $16 to $19 range since the bear market of 2022, Virtual Bacon identifies a strong uptrend in Arweave’s price trajectory.

Virtual Bacon shares his strategy for investing in Arweave, disclosing that he purchased the cryptocurrency during a recent dip when its price dipped to $26 to $27. He believes that if Arweave were to dip back to the $19 to $20 range, it could present a favorable buying opportunity for investors. However, he notes that he does not anticipate such a dip given the current strength of the uptrend.

Virtual Bacon, also known as Dennis Liu, is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency investment and education space. With a YouTube channel boasting over 269K subscribers, Dennis shares his insights on market trends and investment strategies for crypto. He is a Crypto VC investor involved with over 100 startups and is known for his informative content that covers a wide range of topics within the cryptocurrency world¹.

In recent developments, Dennis Liu has seen substantial growth in his audience, reaching nearly half a million viewers. His reputation as a trusted Web3 educator has been solidified through his work as a general partner at Momentum 6 Venture Capital Fund, an angel investor, and his educational content on YouTube. His insights are based on thorough research and direct experience in the field².

Dennis Liu’s strategic perspectives, especially regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum’s future price targets and technical analysis, have been influential. He has devised plans for strategic exits from Bitcoin at $200,000 and Ethereum at around $15,000 by the end of 2025 or based on specific technical indicators³.

For more detailed information and updates from Virtual Bacon, you can explore his YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

In summary, Virtual Bacon’s top cryptocurrency picks for March reflect his confidence in the long-term potential of these projects. His analysis provides valuable insights for investors seeking to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities within the crypto market.

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