Doc Rivers to Make Bucks Coaching Debut vs. Nikola Jokić, Nuggets

Doc Rivers to Make Bucks Coaching Debut vs. Nikola Jokić, Nuggets
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  • Doc Rivers’ first game as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks will be in a marquee matchup against the reigning NBA champions, the Denver Nuggets.
  • Rivers’ hiring by the Bucks, his previous coaching experience, and his achievements.
  • The date and venue of the game: Monday, January 29, 2024 at Pepsi Center in Denver.

After a tumultuous start to the season, the Milwaukee Bucks have finally found their new leader. Doc Rivers, one of the most respected and successful coaches in the NBA, will make his Bucks debut on Monday against the Denver Nuggets, the defending champions and the current best team in the league. Rivers, who was hired by the Bucks on Friday, has a long and impressive resume that includes a championship ring, a Coach of the Year award, and over 1,000 career wins. He will face a tough challenge in his first game, as he tries to turn around a Bucks team that has underperformed despite having two MVPs on their roster. Will Rivers be able to work his magic and lead the Bucks to a statement win over the Nuggets? Or will Nikola Jokić and company spoil his debut and extend their dominance in the Western Conference? Read on to find out more about this intriguing matchup and what to expect from Rivers’ first game as the Bucks’ head coach.

  • Rivers’ impact on the Bucks’ star players, especially Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, and how he plans to utilize them effectively.
  • Rivers’ challenges and opportunities in coaching the Bucks, such as improving their defense, finding the right rotations, and building chemistry and culture.
  • The Nuggets’ strengths and weaknesses, and how the Bucks can exploit or counter them.

Rivers’ Coaching Style and Philosophy

  • Rivers is known for his player-friendly and motivational approach, as well as his ability to adapt to different situations and personnel.
  • Rivers prefers a fast-paced and ball-movement-oriented offense, with an emphasis on spacing, shooting, and playmaking.
  • Rivers also values defense, toughness, and accountability, and expects his players to compete hard and play smart on both ends of the floor.
  • Rivers has a history of developing and empowering young players, such as Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin, and Ben Simmons, and getting the best out of veterans, such as Kevin Garnett, Chris Paul, and Joel Embiid.
  • Rivers has coached various types of teams, from championship contenders to rebuilding projects, and has shown flexibility and creativity in adjusting his schemes and strategies according to his roster and the opponent.
  • Some examples of Rivers’ coaching innovations are:
    • The use of the “small ball” lineup with the Celtics in 2007-08, featuring Garnett as the center and four perimeter players, which revolutionized the modern NBA game.
    • The implementation of the “Lob City” offense with the Clippers in 2013-14, featuring Paul as the floor general and Griffin and DeAndre Jordan as the high-flying finishers, which made them one of the most exciting and explosive teams in the league.
    • The transformation of the 76ers’ offense in 2020-21, featuring Embiid as the focal point and Simmons as the facilitator, surrounded by shooters and cutters, which made them one of the most efficient and balanced teams in the league.
  • Rivers will bring his wealth of experience and knowledge to the Bucks, and will try to instill his vision and identity to the team.

Rivers’ Impact on the Bucks’ Star Players

  • Rivers will have a huge influence on the Bucks’ two star players, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, who have been struggling to coexist and perform at their optimal level this season.
  • Antetokounmpo, the two-time MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, has seen his numbers and impact decline this season, as he has faced more defensive pressure and limitations in his game.
  • Lillard, the four-time All-Star and one of the best scorers and clutch players in the league, has also had a disappointing season, as he has dealt with injuries and inconsistency, and has failed to mesh well with Antetokounmpo.
  • Rivers will try to unlock the potential of Antetokounmpo and Lillard, and help them find their rhythm and confidence, by doing the following:
    • Giving Antetokounmpo more freedom and versatility in his role, allowing him to play different positions, handle the ball, and operate in different areas of the floor, rather than just being a post-up or a drive-and-kick player.
    • Encouraging Antetokounmpo to improve his shooting and decision-making, and to use his physical gifts and skills to dominate the game on both ends of the floor, rather than relying on brute force or predetermined moves.
    • Utilizing Lillard’s scoring and playmaking abilities, and putting him in situations where he can create and exploit mismatches, such as pick-and-rolls, isolations, and off-ball actions, rather than just being a spot-up shooter or a secondary ball-handler.
    • Empowering Lillard to be more aggressive and assertive, and to take charge of the game in crucial moments, rather than deferring to Antetokounmpo or being passive or tentative.
  • Rivers will also try to foster a better chemistry and synergy between Antetokounmpo and Lillard, and to make them complement each other, rather than compete or conflict with each other, by doing the following:
    • Communicating and collaborating with them, and making them understand and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how they can help each other succeed.
    • Balancing and distributing the touches and shots between them, and making them share the ball and the spotlight, rather than having one of them dominate or overshadow the other.
    • Developing and reinforcing a trust and respect between them, and making them support and empower each other, rather than blaming or undermining each other.


Doc Rivers will make his Bucks coaching debut on Monday against the Nuggets, in a game that will test his skills and abilities as a coach, and his impact and influence on the Bucks’ star players. Rivers will try to implement his coaching style and philosophy, and to improve the performance and the relationship of Antetokounmpo and Lillard, who have been the main source of the Bucks’ woes this season. Rivers will also face a formidable opponent in the Nuggets, who have been the best team in the NBA this season, led by the MVP frontrunner Nikola Jokić. The game will be a great opportunity for Rivers to show his worth and value as a coach, and to prove that he can turn the Bucks into a championship contender. It will also be a great challenge for the Bucks to show their potential and progress as a team, and to prove that they can compete with the elite teams in the league. Who will win this exciting matchup? Will Rivers be able to make a positive difference in his first game as the Bucks’ head coach? Will Antetokounmpo and Lillard be able to play better and work better together under Rivers’ guidance? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow our blog for more NBA news and analysis.

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