Fortnite maker Epic Games wins its antitrust fight against Google

Fortnite maker Epic Games wins its antitrust fight against Google

Epic Games Emerges Victorious in Landmark Antitrust Case Against Google Play

In a monumental victory for Epic Games, a jury has unanimously sided with the creator of the widely popular game Fortnite in a groundbreaking antitrust case against Google. The three-year-long legal battle concluded on Monday, highlighting Epic’s efforts to challenge app marketplace practices, particularly those of Google Play.

Epic’s Allegations and Legal Journey

Epic Games initiated the lawsuit in 2020, accusing Google of violating federal and California state antitrust laws through restrictive app store practices. The crux of the matter revolves around both Apple and Google compelling app users to make payments through their proprietary systems, subsequently taking a substantial cut of in-app revenues. Epic contends that these practices stifle competition and innovation.

The Verdict and Its Implications

The jury’s unanimous decision signals a win not just for Epic but for app developers and consumers globally. Epic’s statement asserts that Google’s app store practices are deemed illegal, citing them as an abuse of monopoly power, leading to exorbitant fees. The verdict aligns with Epic’s broader effort to challenge dominant software practices, with praise for potential regulations like the UK’s Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill and the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

Google’s Response and Future Appeals

Despite the setback, Google plans to appeal the verdict. Wilson White, Google’s VP of Government Affairs & Public Policy, emphasized the openness and choices provided by Android and Google Play, expressing a commitment to defending their business model. This suggests that the legal battle may persist, echoing Epic’s previous skirmish with Apple.

A Recap of Epic’s Battles

Epic Games mirrored its fight against Google with a similar campaign against Apple, resulting in a mixed ruling two years ago. While the court favored Apple, it compelled the iPhone maker to open its software market to alternative payment options. Both companies sought Supreme Court reconsideration in September, leaving the final outcome uncertain.

Epic’s Strategic Moves

Epic’s strategic decisions, such as steering Fortnite players away from Google’s Play Store and subsequently withdrawing the game from Google Play and Apple’s App Store, showcase the company’s commitment to challenging the status quo. Despite impending appeals, Epic finds itself in a favorable position, with recent milestones like the successful launch of Lego Fortnite attracting millions of concurrent players.

In conclusion, Epic Games’ triumph against Google marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against app marketplace practices. As the legal landscape evolves, the implications for both developers and consumers remain uncertain, but Epic’s resilience continues to reshape the dynamics of the gaming and app industry.

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