How Kristin Juszczyk Became the NFL’s Hottest Fashion Designer

How Kristin Juszczyk Became the NFL's Hottest Fashion Designer
How Kristin Juszczyk Became the NFL’s Hottest Fashion Designer

Kristin Juszczyk is not your typical NFL wife. She is also a talented fashion designer who has created custom apparel for some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes, Simone Biles, and more. And now, she has landed a licensing deal with the NFL, allowing her to use the league’s logos and marks in her designs.

From Puffer Jackets to Licensing Deal

Juszczyk’s journey to becoming the NFL’s newest fashion partner started with a simple request from her husband, Kyle Juszczyk, a fullback for the San Francisco 49ers. He asked her to make him a custom puffer jacket with his name and number on it, which he wore to a game in October 2023. The jacket caught the attention of his teammates and other players, who asked Juszczyk to make them similar jackets.

Soon, Juszczyk was making custom jackets for other NFL stars, such as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany, Packers safety Jonathan Owens and his wife Simone Biles, an Olympic gymnast, and 49ers wide receivers Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk. She also made jackets for celebrities like actor Taylor Lautner and singer Taylor Swift, who wore a jacket inspired by her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, to a playoff game in January 2024.

Juszczyk’s designs went viral on social media, gaining her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. She also received positive feedback from fans and media outlets, who praised her creativity and style. The NFL took notice of her popularity and potential, and offered her a licensing deal, which she accepted.

What’s Next for Kristin Juszczyk?

According to Sportico, Juszczyk has been granted a license to use NFL marks in men’s and women’s apparel designs, but the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Juszczyk has not commented on the news yet, but she has expressed her desire to turn her designs into a business in a previous interview with The Post.

Juszczyk, who will turn 30 when the Chiefs face the 49ers in Super Bowl 2024 on Feb. 11 in Las Vegas, has a bright future ahead of her in the fashion world. She has already shown her versatility and skill in creating custom pieces that reflect the personalities and preferences of her clients. She has also demonstrated her ability to capture the attention and admiration of millions of people with her unique and trendy designs.

Juszczyk is more than just an NFL wife. She is a rising star in the fashion industry, and a trailblazer for women entrepreneurs. She is the NFL’s hottest fashion designer, and she is just getting started.


NFL grants Kristin Juszczyk exclusive apparel licensing deal.

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