How to split screen on chromebook shortcut keys

Learn how to efficiently split the screen on your Chromebook using shortcut keys. This guide provides easy-to-follow instructions for splitting your Chromebook screen, enhancing your multitasking experience. Master the shortcut keys and effortlessly divide your screen to boost productivity on your Chromebook. While you’re being useful, a solitary window may not be sufficient to follow through with your responsibility. Most PCs have console easy routes or touchpad motions to switch between windows, yet utilizing an excessive number of windows can confound. Chromebooks incorporate extraordinary performing various tasks highlights in the ChromeOS working framework. One component is parted screen mode, which puts two windows one next to the other to all the while utilize two applications or windows. These function admirably on all Chromebooks yet look best on a portion of our #1 Chromebooks with bigger screens. This guide strolls you through how to utilize the split screen highlight on your Chromebook.

How to activate split screen on Chromebook

The Restore/Maximize button at the top of the window has a little-known trick to activate split screen mode.

  1. Open a Chrome browser window or an app.
  2. Click and hold the Maximize/Restore button in the upper-right corner of the window
  3. Drag your mouse to the side of the screen where you want to snap the app or window. A white outline shows where the window will be snapped to when you’re in the correct position.
  4. Release the mouse.


Do likewise for the other window or application on the opposite side of the screen, and you’re prepared to perform multiple tasks. You can do this with program windows and Android applications. Assuming that you close one split window, the other one doesn’t consequently expand

How to set up a split screen by dragging and dropping on your Chromebook

Once in a while, the least demanding method for utilizing a split screen is by moving your new window where you need it.

  1. Select a new Chrome tab or app.
  2. Move your cursor to the menu bar (the top of the window where a tab sits)
  3. Drag the window to the side of your screen you want it to be on. A preview shows where the window will snap to when you’re in the right place.
  4. Let go of the mouse when you’re on the side of the screen where you want the window to snap

Relocating is a simple method for ensuring your windows are precisely where you want them with a flick of the wrist.

How to use keyboard shortcuts to activate the split screen

There’s a keyboard shortcut if you don’t want to use your mouse to activate the split screen.

  1. Launch Chrome or an app
  2. Press Alt + [ to snap the window to the left side of your screen or Alt + ] to snap the window to the right. You can snap the second window on the other side and view two apps or tabs at the same time.

Snapping windows using the keyboard means you don’t have to lift the fingers from the keyboard to multitask.

How to use split screen on a Chromebook from the overview menu

Similar to Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac, ChromeOS has a dedicated overview menu to glance over your opened apps and tabs. You can use it to resize an app window to half of the screen. Let’s see it in action.

  1. Press the show window button on your Chromebook keyboard. It looks like a rectangle with two vertical lines. You can also swipe up on the touchpad using the three-finger gesture to activate the overview mode.
  2. Drag the app preview window to the right or left side of the screen to activate a split view.


You can use this overview to select a layout with the desired window size of your windows or apps.

How to use split screen on a Chromebook in tablet mode

Some Chromebook manufacturers offer 2-in-1 devices with a touchscreen. If you have one and frequently use it in tablet mode, check the steps below to activate tablet mode on it.

  1. Swipe up and hold from the bottom to launch the overview menu.
  2. Tap an app window and move it to the left or right side of the screen.
  3. Select another app and view two apps side by side.

After activating the split screen feature in tablet mode, you can resize the app or tab window. Touch the divider bar between two apps and move it left or right to resize.

It may take time to become comfortable using ChromeOS gestures in tablet mode. After some time, you can comfortably launch the overview menu, switch between apps, and activate the split screen functionality.

When you finish multitasking, you may want to switch back to a single full screen window. There are a couple of ways to do this on a Chromebook. Let’s take a look at each of them.

How to maximize a ChromeOS window using the Maximize/Restore button

  1. Select the window you want to maximize
  2. Click the Maximize/Restore button in the upper-right corner of the title bar
  3. Tap to fill up your screen again.

How to maximize a window via drag and drop

  1. Make sure the screen you want to maximize is your active window.
  2. Drag the window to the upper-middle side of your screen
  3. Release the mouse.
  4. Your window has been dragged and dropped to maximum size

How to maximize a ChromeOS window with a keyboard shortcut

  1. Choose the window you want to maximize
  2. Press the and Alt keys at the same time
  3. With the stroke of a key, you’ve maximized your desired window
Shuffling various windows on a solitary screen can be drawn-out, yet ChromeOS’s performing multiple tasks highlights make it more straightforward. One more simple approach to perform various tasks is to make your most utilized applications and sites effectively available. That is where the Chromebook’s rack comes in, and it’s not difficult to stick your most loved applications and sites to it.

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