Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm) review: The classy, affordable, all-inclusive smart fitness wearable

Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm) review: The classy, affordable, all-inclusive smart fitness wearable

Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm): A Budget-Friendly Smart Companion

Huawei, renowned for crafting reliable and budget-friendly smart activity trackers, introduces the Watch GT 4, building on the success of its predecessors like the Watch GT 2 and Watch 3 Pro.

Familiar Yet Refined Features

The GT 4 maintains the familiar GT 3 design but introduces upgrades like the “new” TruSeen 5.5+ heart rate sensor and Harmony OS 4. Despite similarities, it boasts a 30% faster GPS connection, enhancing overall user experience.

Display and Performance

Featuring a functional 1.4-inch AMOLED display, the GT 4 excels in a variety of activities, including running, gym workouts, and sleep tracking. Notably, it matches the GT 3 Pro’s performance closely, showcasing Huawei’s commitment to delivering top-notch features.

Stellar Battery Life

A standout feature of Huawei watches, the GT 4 continues the tradition with an impressive two-week battery life. Even with the always-on display enabled, users can enjoy 7-8 days of uptime, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

Design Innovation

The 46mm variant’s angled octagonal shape brings a refreshing change to the design, making it versatile for both workouts and formal occasions. The 41mm version caters to a more conventional, feminine aesthetic.

Introducing StayFit App

A noteworthy addition is the StayFit app, revolutionizing calorie tracking by allowing users to set nuanced weight-related goals based on daily activity and workout data.

Affordable Pricing Options

With a starting price of S$298, the GT 4 maintains affordability. However, strap choices impact costs, with alternative options commanding a S$50 premium.

The Huawei Sweet Spot

Positioned as a balanced blend of price and performance, the Watch GT 4 caters to a broad audience, making it an ideal choice for both loyal Huawei users seeking an upgrade and newcomers entering the world of reliable and stylish activity trackers.

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