What did snoop dogg say about trump

What did snoop dogg say about trump
What did snoop dogg say about trump

Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper and cannabis enthusiast, has recently made headlines for his surprising comments about former President Donald Trump. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Snoop Dogg said he has “nothing but love and respect” for Trump, who pardoned his friend and former Death Row Records co-founder Michael Harris in 2021. This is a stark contrast to Snoop Dogg’s previous criticisms of Trump, which included a music video depicting a mock assassination of a Trump-inspired clown, a social media post calling Trump supporters “racist”, and a video of him smoking a joint near the White House while cursing at Trump.

How did Snoop Dogg go from being one of Trump’s fiercest opponents to one of his admirers? What does this mean for his fans and the upcoming 2024 presidential election? In this blog article, we will explore the possible reasons behind Snoop Dogg’s change of heart, the reactions from the public and the media, and the implications for the political landscape.

Snoop Dogg’s reasons for praising Trump

One of the main reasons why Snoop Dogg praised Trump in his recent interview was the pardon of Michael Harris, who had served 30 years of a 25-year-to-life sentence for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Harris, along with Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, co-founded the record label Death Row Records in the early ’90s, which signed Snoop Dogg for the release of his debut album “Doggystyle” in 1993. Harris was a mentor and a friend to Snoop Dogg, who had campaigned for his release for years. Trump commuted Harris’ sentence in 2021, along with 69 others, in one of his final acts as president.

Snoop Dogg expressed his gratitude to Trump for freeing his friend, saying that Trump “has done only great things for me”. He also said that he has “nothing but love and respect” for Trump, who “ain’t done nothing wrong to me”. This is a significant shift from his previous stance, when he said that he “can’t stand to see this punk in office one more year” and that he was voting for the first time in his life to get rid of Trump.

Another possible reason why Snoop Dogg praised Trump is that he is trying to avoid controversy and backlash from his fans and sponsors. Snoop Dogg is a successful businessman and entertainer, who has endorsed various products and brands, such as Corona beer, Dunkin’ Donuts, Just Eat, and Martha Stewart. He also has a loyal fan base, who may not share his political views or appreciate his involvement in politics. By saying that he has “nothing but love and respect” for Trump, Snoop Dogg may be trying to appease both sides of the political spectrum and avoid alienating anyone.

Snoop Dogg may also be trying to stay relevant and generate publicity for himself and his upcoming projects. Snoop Dogg is known for being a master of self-promotion and marketing, who has reinvented himself several times throughout his career. By making such a controversial and unexpected statement, Snoop Dogg may be trying to create a buzz and attract attention to his new album, “From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites”, which is expected to be released in 2024. He may also be trying to spark a debate and a conversation about the 2024 presidential election, in which he may or may not declare his support for a candidate.

The reactions to Snoop Dogg’s praise of Trump

Snoop Dogg’s praise of Trump has sparked a fierce debate and mixed reactions on social media and in the media. Some people praised Snoop Dogg for being mature and forgiving, and for showing gratitude and respect to Trump for pardoning his friend. They also applauded him for being independent and not following the crowd or the mainstream media. Some examples of positive comments are:

  • “Snoop Dogg is a real one. He doesn’t let politics get in the way of his friendship and loyalty. Respect.”
  • “Snoop Dogg is showing that he is not a sheep and that he can think for himself. He is not afraid to go against the grain and speak his mind. Good for him.”
  • “Snoop Dogg is being classy and gracious. He is acknowledging that Trump did something good for him and his friend, and he is not holding a grudge. He is being a bigger person.”

However, some people criticized Snoop Dogg for being hypocritical and inconsistent, and for betraying his principles and his fans. They also accused him of being selfish and opportunistic, and of selling out and shilling for Trump. Some examples of negative comments are:

  • “Snoop Dogg is a sellout and a fraud. He was bashing Trump for years, and now he is praising him? He is only doing it for money and fame. Shame on him.”
  • “Snoop Dogg is a joke and a clown. He is contradicting himself and flip-flopping on his opinion. He is losing his credibility and his respect. He is a disappointment.”
  • “Snoop Dogg is being fake and dishonest. He is ignoring all the bad things that Trump did and said, and he is forgetting all the people that Trump hurt and offended. He is being disrespectful and ungrateful.”

The implications for the political landscape

Snoop Dogg’s praise of Trump may have some implications for the political landscape and the 2024 presidential election. Snoop Dogg is a influential and popular figure, who has a large and diverse fan base. His opinion may sway some of his fans and followers, who may reconsider their views on Trump and his policies. Snoop Dogg may also inspire other celebrities and public figures, who may come out and express their support or appreciation for Trump. This may boost Trump’s popularity and chances of winning the election, or at least make the race more competitive and unpredictable.

On the other hand, Snoop Dogg’s praise of Trump may also backfire and have the opposite effect. Snoop Dogg may lose some of his fans and followers, who may disagree with his opinion and feel betrayed by him. Snoop Dogg may also face backlash and criticism from other celebrities and public figures, who may condemn his statement and question his motives. This may damage Snoop Dogg’s reputation and credibility, and may also hurt Trump’s image and campaign, or at least make him more controversial and divisive.


Snoop Dogg’s praise of Trump is a surprising and controversial statement, that has generated a lot of debate and reactions. Snoop Dogg may have praised Trump for various reasons, such as gratitude, avoidance, or publicity. His statement may have some implications for the political landscape and the 2024 presidential election, such as influencing public opinion, inspiring other celebrities, or creating backlash and criticism. Snoop Dogg’s praise of Trump is a reflection of his complex and evolving relationship with the former president, and of his role and impact in the society and culture.

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